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Designs may include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, home decor & personal items in a variety of stitches

Pattern Collection #15 January 2015

  1. Fire Elemental Unicorn: Heirloom Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Penguin Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Keeping warm in hats & scarves!!
  3. Bicone Dazzle Bracelet: Bicones, Daisy spacers & seeds
  4. Herringbone Bracelet : Tiney bugles & seed beads
  5. Dainty Duos Necklace: Super Duos & seeds, super supple

Pattern Collection #14 December 2014

  1. Frozen Treasure : Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Christmas Candy Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Yum!!
  3. Hematite Bricks & Rounds bracelet: Bricks, rounds & seeds
  4. Snowflakes: Tiny one inch snow flakes for earrings, bracelets and gifts
  5. Poinsettia Beaded Bead Necklace: also pretty in spring and summer colors

Pattern Collection #13 November 2014

  1. Winter Blues : Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Leaf Litter Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Time to rake!!
  3. Deep Purple Duos bracelet: Duos, fire polish, and seeds
  4. Triangle &Pearls: Herringbone Toho Triangles are accented with pearls
  5. Stone Oval Necklace: Two sizes of flat ovals combine with right angle weave spacers

Pattern Collection #12 October 2014

  1. Halloween Candy Corn : Peyote Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Fence Pumpkins Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Spooky Jack-o-lanterns!!
  3. Copper Spirals bracelet: Crystals, hematite, pinch beads, and seeds
  4. Twisted TilaCuff : Twisted Delicas and Tila beads are accented with crystals
  5. Stone Donut Toggle Necklace: Your accent is your clasp!!

Pattern Collection #11 September 2014

  1. Grape Arbor : Loomed Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. I love school Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Back to school time!!
  3. Triangle Super Duos bracelet & Earrings: mini bugles, duos and seeds
  4. Chunky Herringbone Cuff : seed beads in two sizes
  5. Key Necklace: Stitch a beaded bead to decorate a large key!

Pattern Collection #10 August 2014

  1. Summer Sunflowers : Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Seaside sandcastle Crystal Drop or Bracelet : You can almost hear the waves!
  3. Neon Brights bracelet bugles and seeds
  4. Sandy Super Duos : seed beads and super duos
  5. Crystal Rondelles & sky Stone Rounds Necklace: Super easy flat cobra no clasp needed!

Pattern Collection #9 July 2014

  1. Red White & Blue: Peyote Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Love the USA Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Proud to be American!
  3. Montana Blues bracelet rounds and seeds
  4. Fire Polish Frames x2: seed beads and size 10 Delicas frame fire polish rondelles
  5. Crystal Rondelles & Pearls Necklace: Super easy string and weave

Pattern Collection #8 June 2014

  1. Sunburst: Ornament Design, on a 2 5/8 " ball
  2. Summer Breeze Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Great for Fathersday!
  3. Pewtie Cutie bracelet with pewter tube beads and seeds
  4. JSuper Duo and Crystal : super duos create a rope like twist with crystals & seed beads
  5. Tiles and Duos Necklace: Super easy string and weave

Pattern Collection #7 May 2014

  1. Lily of the Valley: Heirloom Ornament Design, Peyote woven panels on a 2" ball
  2. Rosebud Lace Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Delightful sign of SPRING
  3. Mother/Grandmother birthstone bracelet with beaded beads and freshwater pearls
  4. Jeweled Needle Case : Decorate a wooden needle case with fire polish, bugles & seed beads
  5. Metal and midnight bicones: Play with those metal seed beads and add Jet Black bicone accents


Pattern Collection #6 April 2014

  1. Tiny Tulip Treasure : Heirloom Ornament Design, Peyote woven panels on a 2" ball
  2. Dancing Daffys Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Delightful sign of SPRING
  3. Sky Quartz & two-hole Czech Bricks: This chunky bib can be suspended by chain or ribbon
  4. Crystal Egg : Decorate a wooden egg ala Faberge with bicones, Super Duos and seed beads
  5. Potawami bracelet: Learn this easy to do but complcated looking stitch and add bicone edges

Pattern Collection #5 March 2014

  1. Irish Basketweave Crystal Drop or Bracelet : interwoven bands in Celtic colors
  2. Copper & Chocolate Bracelet: Peyote stitch in Delicas and seeds with side details.
  3. Bugle Beaded Beads and Jasper Necklace: String jasper & stitch beaded beads as you go
  4. Woven Wheat Duos bracelet: Duo beads, daisy spacers and seeds make a delicate bracelet
  5. Celtic Waves: Heirloom Ornament Design, Peyote woven waves with shamrock Brick details

Pattern Collection #4 February 2014

  1. Confetti Hearts Crystal Drop or Bracelet : Interlocking Hearts in fun colors
  2. Wavey Net Bracelet: Silver & Hematite netted base manipulated with side details.
  3. Undulating Peyote Bracelet : Varied bead sizes acheive this look, bicones add sparkle
  4. Seed Bead Petals Necklace: Free-Form Petal Bead Caps flank freshwater pearls
  5. My Beading Heart: Heirloom Ornament Design, Peyote with Brick details

Pattern Collection #3 January 2014

  1. Snowmen & Cardinals Crystal Drop: Winter time friends
  2. Circular Herringbone Necklace: gold and camel seed beads & triangles with bicone accents.
  3. Herringbone Ribbons Bracelet : Two bands of flat herringbone center string of bicones, elegant!
  4. Snowy Night: Even-count peyote bracelet 1" wide only 5 colors
  5. Super Duo and metal bead Bracelet & Earrings : Right angle variation, quick to stitch

Pattern Collection #2 December 2013

  1. Santa Sleigh Bracelet & Crystal Drop: with red nosed reindeer, make great gifts!
  2. Two -Bead Peyote ladders & Bicones: Super quick, perfect for all ages, or add another layer of beaded accents for a more intricate design.
  3. Garnet Crystal Pearl and Bicone Bracelet : Two Easy steps ever so gorgeous
  4. Pearl Link & Czech two-hole tile Necklace: Big Chains are IN, quick to stitch for gifts
  5. Snowflakes or Ornament Cover: Stitch single flakes or join 6 to cover a 2 3/4" ball

Premier! Pattern Collection #1 November 2013

  1. Cornucopia Crystal Drop: includes chart for date on back, wonderful hostess gift!
  2. Oak Leaves & Acorns: Even-count Peyote Cuff Bracelet is an autumn classic
  3. Box Chain Herringbone & Green Turquiose Heishe: Yummy harvest colors
  4. Round Crystal Medallion Link Bracelet: Marcasite style with a pop of color
  5. Quick & Easy Ornament Cover: 2 3/4" ball shimmers in AB crystal & silver

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